Hello readers,

We have an exciting update!

We are now using data from across our community to determine which articles are the most widely read and, therefore, the ones that are most likely to be worth reading. (We do this securely, and protect user anonymity.)

While other platforms continue to revolve around a broken set of vanity metrics (like "likes" and "upvotes") - we're remaining steadfast in our commitment to reading.

We read what others are reading. Really reading. We're done with clickbait, fake news, echo-chambers and trolls.

Hot Topics are now sorted based on what's being read by the community. Furthermore, the system will automatically select one Article of the Day each day. (Read it!) Finally, create an account to get suggested readings delivered right to your inbox.

TL;DR: We built a machine that tells us what's worth reading. (Because we don't trust any of the other machines.)