For over a year, we have been developing and improving our core technology, a piece of software that can identify and “give credit” to readers who take the time to really read something all the way through.

Recently, we spun up a very simple website and began to test this tool on ourselves and a few extraordinarily brave friends and family members. At this point, even we, the ones who built it, can’t fool it into thinking we’ve read something when we really haven’t.

In just a few weeks, we’ve already noticed some changes in our reading habits:

  • We waste less time pseudo-reading (aka skimming) the internet.
  • We read more stuff to completion.
  • We read better stuff. Longer, higher-quality stuff.
  • We focus more on the topics we truly care about.

Furthermore, we believe in the power of really reading to improve the entire digital/social/media landscape, for example:

  • To combat trolling.
  • To fight the proliferation of fake news.
  • To encourage greater participation from silent majorities.
  • To create a curated stream of the world’s best articles, stories and blogs, the kind of stuff that other people are really reading and relishing, the kind of stuff that you too would really want to read, from beginning to end, because it makes you feel smarter, and happier.

We want your feedback. Join the beta!

We are looking for people to join our summer beta. The plan is to facilitate a weekly discussion amongst a group of “real” readers.


  • Beta testers must be able to commit approx 1 hour per week for the remainder of summer 2017.
  • Every Monday, we will send out one hand-selected reading. We plan to use the absolute best articles and stories, new and old, from all over the internet. Stuff that’s really worth really reading.
  • Beta testers read and comment on the readings each week. (Commenting is optional, but strongly encouraged.)

Fill out this form to join the beta.