Talk to other people who are really reading the same things you’re really reading.

The same technology that we use to identify clickbait can be used to identify clickbait’s opposite: worthy, thoughtful, longer reads. In other words, stuff that real people are really reading. And, combined with article metadata (nuggets of info like ‘Trump,’ ‘climate change’ and ‘scifi’) we’re now able to find the absolute best articles on virtually any topic.

So, we’re kicking off an experiment: You tell us what you want to learn about and we’ll send you an excellent article. The kind of article you’ll want to read all the way through.


1.) Email and tell me what 1-2 topic(s) you care most about. (Examples: yoga & cryptocurrency.)

2.) On Mondays, I’ll email you back with link(s) to the world’s best articles on those topics.

3.) In exchange for this service, we hope you’ll pay it forward with a comment on our platform every now and again! And…

4.) If you ever want me to send articles on a different topic, just let me know. Of course, you can cancel whenever.