Who curates the articles on Readup?
Nobody. They're crowdsourced by the community.

Can I read anything I want on Readup?
- On your laptop or PC, use the Chrome extension to read anything you want in the Chrome browser, or star things for later.
- On your iPhone, you can add articles or stories to your starred list (from Safari, for example) by using the share extension button:

Who picks the Article of the Day?
Nobody. The AOTD is chosen automatically, every night at midnight, from the top of the Trending list.

Will my reading improve?
Yes. Reading is like exercise. The more you do it the better you get.

Who moderates the comments?
Nobody. Readup has no moderators.

Who created Readup?
Two friends, Bill Loundy and Jeff Camera. We don't use any social media, but we love technology and the internet, and, of course, we really love reading.

Does Readup make money?
Not yet.

Will Readup ever make money?
Yes. Eventually we'll start offering premium features and products that will cost money.

How can I help?
Spread the word! Also, send us an email us if you have suggestions about how we can improve. Email: bill@readup.com