Dear reader,

First of all: Readup just launched on Firefox - add the extension now!

This is part of a huge update that completely changes the way the Chrome extension works. So, please read this carefully and, as always, get back at us in the comments.

On Chrome, Readup will no longer track you all over the web. Now you must hit the browser button to turn on the tracker.

The new Readup button works the same way on Chrome and Firefox. When you click it, it does three things at once:

  • It turns on Reader-mode.
  • It turns on the tracking (so you can get credit.)
  • It stars the article (in case you don't finish.)

Chrome users take note: You will no longer get credit for articles and stories that you read WITHOUT activating Reader-mode. So get in the habit of hitting that button! These changes will propagate to everyone within the next few days.


Bill, co-founder of Readup