Dear reader,

In the last few weeks, Jeff and I have been ramping up our efforts to interact directly with readers. So we're beyond thrilled about the hundreds of emails and comments pouring in.

It sometimes takes a little while to reply, but I want to make sure you all know this: We are reading every single word of feedback! In fact, every word gets read twice: once by Jeff and once by me. And then, after we have both read everything, we review it all together.

Also, it doesn't matter if you hit me up by email, reply to a survey, or just say something about Readup in the comments. We're capturing everything.

All of the feedback has inspired a huge shift in mindset. We no longer ask ourselves: "What should we build?" Instead, we ask ourselves: "What is the community telling us to build?"

Along those lines, we heard one very specific thing, loud and clear: OMG. We need an Android app!! Okay! We'll need a few weeks, but we're on it. Seriously. And, in the meantime, Jeff is knees-deep overhauling the desktop browser extension so that we can launch new extensions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Brave, and Edge.

The numbers still look great. These days, we're focused on the daily number of Weekly Active Users. (Bizarre, right? Happy to further explain if folks are interested.)

Up. That's what matters. Up up up.


PS Just landed in San Francisco!! I'm looking for places to crash and readers to hang with. Hit me up, people!