Dear Reader,

The bulk of work that Jeff and I are doing right now revolves around the very first experience that a person has when they initially discover Readup. We call this the "New Reader Experience."

It's challenging, fun work. We keep having to remind ourselves that brand new users know absolutely nothing about Readup. To keep things super simple, we are clarifying all of our marketing around the single thing that makes Readup so amazing: the community.

So, this week, we did the following:

  • We rewrote the email that gets sent to all new Readers.
  • We shipped the first version of New Reader Orientation, a crucial portion of the larger New Reader Experience. It's basically slide show that new Readers experience (or skip) when they first sign up for Readup. This was beefier than expected, but will drive meaningful growth. It includes:
    • An animated explainer to visualize the AOTD voting process.
    • A slick, compelling prompt to enable notifications, which makes Readup a million times better.
    • A prompt (and a single button) to share Readup with your social media networks.
    • A reminder that you can import anything from anywhere to Readup:

Finally, we polished our presence in the Apple App Store, a key piece of real estate. If you love Readup, please give us five stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Party on, people!