Dear Reader,

I spent most of last night meditating on this:

It's a hockey stick. No doubt about it. And since this growth is actually a few weeks early, we're expecting to see a vertical wall within a month. We don’t just want a "spark" or a "pop." We want this thing to fucking explode.*

The presidential election is right around the corner. In more ways than one, all eyes are on social media. Our goal is to move millions of eyes away from the noise and over to something better: reading.

Stuff that happened this week:

  • Readup is on Twitter.
  • Two Y Combinator partners critiqued the Readup site design.
  • Jeff and I did a podcast! Thanks to Product Hunt and Abadesi Osunsade for hosting us!
  • Our friend Jay Vidyarthi wrote about Readup. Here's my favorite part: "I’ll admit, the first time I saw a ReadUp post described as a β€œ29 min read”, I was totally scared off. But after I came back and actually read it, it dawned on me: this app solves a real problem."



*P.S. Thanks to the AOTD, I'm stoked on fucking right now.