Dear Reader,

We did it! We hit one hundred daily active readers! Triple digits! Another zero!

Jeff and I were actually too busy working to notice. So when I ran the numbers, a few days later, I was like, omg... one hundred people on Readup... IN A SINGLE DAY! Then, Jeff, when I told him, was also like omg. And then we got back to work. Tight ship these days.

The funny thing about "one more zero" is that as soon as you get one you want another. So, now we're back at the drawing board, figuring out how to get to 1000 "daily actives." Again, Y Combinator Startup School (which is different from the accelerator program, by the way) has been really clutch.

Here's what's really nuts: We still haven't turned on the turbo-boosters. We haven't spent a single penny on marketing or "acquisition" of any kind. We've been building this thing in a cave (without even personal social media accounts!) and now, finally, we're emerging.

Last thing: Check out Jeff's art skills. This animation was created for our new and improved reader onboarding experience:

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Hasta luego,