Dear Reader,

Greetings from the edge of the Salton Sea! Happy new decade!

Startups move quickly. Even Readup, notwithstanding the fact that we love to do things slowly, methodically, with intention.

At this time last year, we weren’t even Readup yet. And we didn’t have solid traction on the platform until just a few months ago. Which means that it’s time to start envisioning the next major milestone: revenue.

This is something that Jeff and I have been talking about for ages, but we just firmed up the plan over the course of the last few weeks, while he was in So Cal and when I was in New Jersey.

The wonderful thing about this plan is how simple it is: Readup is going to be a paid platform.

We don’t know how much it will cost (probably a few bucks a month) but we do know this:

Readup is going to be free, for life, for the first 10,000 community members.

If you're reading this - that means you. This is our way of thanking you for being early to the party, warming up the dance floor, and helping to set the standards for what this community is all about.

Also in 2020, we’re fundraising! Currently, we plan to raise up to $500k and no less than a quarter million. And that’s not a 2020 goal, that’s an immediate goal. As a matter of fact, I’m getting ready to drive up the coast (in my truck-camper!) making and taking as many meetings as I possibly can in LA and SF with (1) prospective investors, or (2) people who can connect me, directly, to prospective investors. I'll meet with at least a few seed-stage venture capital firms, but my hunch is that we'll be able to fill out this round without relying on people we don't already know, which includes some folks on this email.

We’re building a reading platform, not a news business, but it’s undeniable that reading is one of the best ways to get reliable information about what’s going on in the world. In the months leading up to the election, there’s going to be a lot of talk about the future of tech, media, and journalism. We’re ready for prime time, and eager to find a few folks who want to help us get there - and get in on the ground floor of an awesome business.

The adventure continues!