Clever title, eh?

Before settling on that, I considered a few alternate titles, including “Readup 2.0,” “This Changes Everything” and “Readup Will Never Be The Same Again.” Ultimately, I couldn’t resist the pun, but I also didn’t want to risk understating the bigness of what’s happening.

We have big, exciting news to share about major improvements to the Readup platform.

If you’ve been away for a while, it’s a great time to get back on Readup and .. ahem! … maybe go tell some friends to check out ;)

Our goal is to make the platform more fun, more social, and more interesting, without compromising on our commitment to reading. For years, we’ve been calling ourselves a social reading platform, since we’re not a social media company, but also not not a digital media business. Now, finally, the site is really starting to feel like the social reading platform (SRP?) that we set out to build.

The new slogan is: Read With Friends.

Reading remains the core experience on Readup, the required entry point to interact with any people or content. Here’s what’s new:

Profiles. Everyone has a profile. To put stuff on your profile, you post.

Post articles. You can post anything you’ve read to your Readup profile. Posting something proves that you read it. It also kicks off a conversation with the rest of the Readup community.

Get followers. On your profile page, you’ll see a “Get followers” button. Share your profile far and wide (please! really!) so that others can stay up to date on your Readup activity.

Follow people. It just takes one click and it’s a real friend that you can really read with.

More Discovery. Click “Following” on the Discover page to view posts from people you follow.

Bookmarks. See what percentage of an article you have read in the grey bookmark icon.

Improved Reader Mode. Images in articles should always work now. And, yes, even fewer distractions! We already had the cleanest, most beautiful reader view on the internet. Now it’s even better.

Stay curious. Stay nice. Have so much fun. And…

tell us what you think! Now more than ever, we really need your feedback. It’s code red. Mission critical. Leave a comment here or email: or